Our methodology

Approach proposed by Phenix-Expertise.

Our methods and working tools

The collaboration process we propose consists of 6 steps:
1- Analysis of the demand
2- Proposal for an intervention approach
3- Audit and assessment carried out on site with the support of a monitoring committee or working groups
4- Proposal of the solution and the approach advocated by Phenix Expertise
5- Implementation of the solution and shepherding of the company throughout
6- Follow up on the effectiveness of the solution...

Over the course of these different steps, Phenix Expertise has simple tools at its disposal which have been adapted to the situation within the company :
- Financial dashboards
- Projected cash flow plan short and long term
- Study of gross margins, added values
- Market study
- Study of strengths and weaknesses
- Market study, competitive intelligence
- Analysis of positioning, of supply and demand
- Etc...
Our office will know how to put these tools in place with your team, adapting them to the companies in difficulty, the objective being to find a new direction, recovery, development or sale, in the best possible conditions.