Our abilities

Support and help for companies in any type of project.

Our skills

Phenix Expertise is a real source of support and advice to all companies needing support and an external perspective able to visualize and offer concrete, original and effective answers.
With over ten years of experience in business takeovers, Mathieu Burthey has surrounded himself with a multidisciplinary network of seasoned professionals. The Phenix Expertise office is at your disposal to carry out the necessary missions :

Crisis management assistance for companies in difficulty
- Analyse financial difficulties
- Prepare and define an amicable or legal settlement of the problems at hand:
   - Mandate or ad hoc conciliation
   - Backup procedure, legal redress or liquidation
- Prepare and establish a plan of action for activities regarding wiping off debts
- Study, define and formalize a plan of legal and financial restructuring of the activity or company
- Negotiate wiping off of debts, plan of action or cancellation of contracts, closing or continuation of bank loans, of work contracts...
- Search for investors or industrial partners depending on the needs of the company
- Search for solutions to maximize the BFR (Factoring, CIR (with help of partner), CCSF, etc...)
- Analyse and put in place monitoring tools appropriate to the situation
- Participate in the definition and setting up of commercial strategy
- Advice

Assistance with recovery of assets or companies
In this context, the missions of Phenix Expertise can be to :
- Collect financial and legal information about the assets and liabilities of the distressed company
- Organize, prepare, and carry out legal, financial, accounting, corporate, fiscal due diligence
- Determine the parameters of the transfer : assets, personnel, contracts...
- Draft a list of contracts to be cancelled or continued
- Prepare and draft the offer for recovery of one or several assets, of the whole or part of the activity of the company