Asset Deal

a real opportunity to developp your own activity

To take over a company that is in insolvency procedure is a very specific approach but it represents also a good opportunity to make a good deal.

Thanks to its huge experience in this domain, Phenix Expertise supports you in this asset deal.

Phenix Expertise knows perfectly well the different stages of the process and helps you to make your takeover a success.

Our strengths

a powerfull network fitted tools

The core business of Phenix Expertise is to offer to its clients the greatest opportunities by taking over a company under insolvency procedures. An « asset deal » can be a very good mean to grow and developp your activity.

Phenix Expertise will assist you in this very particular process, from the offer's creation until the presentation of the project in front of the French Commercial Court that handles those type of procedures.

1° Step : the Analysis

You are in a phase of external growth ? You are interested in taking over an other company without spending to much money ? Thanks to its network, Phenix Expertise is able to quickly collect all the information and documentation concerning companies in insolvency procedures that are designed to be sold by "asset deal".

We will propose you to study carrefully the cases that can fit to your strategy in respect of the non-disclosure commitment.

Our commitments :

  • reactivity

  • efficience

  • close relationship & partnership.


2° Step : Offer's creation

After the phase of the analysis, you may have a real interest in a company and you would like to go further. The next step is to build a project of take over and to send a firm offer to the Court administration Office. Phenix Expertise takes in charge all the process and commit to help you to :

  • handle the relationship with the administrator reciever and the liquidator.

  • collect all the relevant information concerning the on-sale company

  • create the best strategy and define the frame and conditions of take over

  • write the offer in line with the french legal requirements

  • deposit your offer at the Court administration Office on the good time.


3° Step : Hearing before the Commercial Court

Phenix Expertise is at your side to prepare and to attend the hearing before the Court with the aim to be nominated as transferee.

Phenix Expertise is used to this process and will be a main asset for you. We know perfectly well the stakes and the expectations of the Court and its representatives of the insolvency procedures..