Our area of expertise

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Our area of expertise

1. Companies in difficulty

You are a PME/PMI manager and your company is experiencing a period of crisis or structural or transitional difficulty? Your company is undergoing collective proceedings [ad hoc mandate, backup, legal redress...?]
With its diversified skills, Phenix Expertise offers you an audit and complete diagnosis of the situation within your company and will also lead you through the various steps needed for an effective and sustainable recovery.
You are an accountant, accounting expert, banker, lawyer-counsel and your client encounters some financial, organizational, industrial or commercial issues? You need a fresh and wise perspective?
Thanks to some simple but proven tools , Phenix Expertise will intervene within the company and give you a clear view of the situation and potential solutions.

2. Strategic (Re)development

You wish to remove yourself from the Red Sea of competition and develop yourself with some stronger value added strategies?
Phenix Expertise brings you the nececessary information and methodology to bring about the development of your dormant innovative economic projects :
- Portfolio analysis of strategic activities
- Benchmarking of the competition
- Analysis of value and competitiveness
- Management of innovative projects

You are a holding company seeking external growth ? or on the contrary, you are contemplating breaking off from one of your subsidiaries or divisions ?
Phenix Expertise will carry you through your project and thanks to its international network of financial or industrial contacts, will offer you a turnkey solution to realize your fixed objectives.

You intend to acquire an existing company, in France or abroad ?
Phenix Expertise is by your side to assist you not only in your research but also to help you to put together your offer and to negotiate the best possible terms of repurchase. Our team will be a real interface between you, the transferor company and legal counsil.
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Company sale and search for buyers

You want to sell your company and cannot find buyers ?
Phenix Expertise is not positioned as a merger and acquisition company, but can be your advisory office with the vision and competence to visualize a restructuring which will allow you to reach an effective transfer process.
Learn more about Mergers and Acquisitions process

3. Foreign investments in France

You are a company with foreign capital with a view to getting set up in France, and you are looking for the necessary support ?
Phenix Expertise is by your side to advise you and put in place the best policies and strategy to meet your goals. The network and contacts aligned with manager Mathieu Burthey will enable you to have access to key interlocutors and thus save precious time.